The Netherlands has a strong tradition of electro that dates back to the mid 90’s. Hague powerhouses Bunker and Viewlexx played a large role in providing a homegrown alternative to major Dutch exports like gabber and there’s no doubting the state of the scene today with labels like Delta Funktionen’s Radio Matrix imprint flying the flag in the 21st Century. That’s not to say that those elder statesmen don’t still make notable contributions, but you know things are in fine fettle when Radio Matrix put out records like the latest from Samuel van Dijk‘s VC-118A alias, the title track of which we have the pleasure of premiering today

Menacing is the word that springs to mind when the ominous ‘Intro’ fades into the flurry of distorted kicks on ‘B76 Over Land’. Dense and murky, the low-end is delivered in thick slabs that lash against the track’s skittering beat pattern while feeling cumbersome beneath a symphony of glacial electronics than dances overhead. But what really captures the imagination is that sustained synth chord – ominous and other-worldly, it will leave the hair standing up on the back of your neck.

B76 Over Land is out on December 14th in vinyl and digital format. Pre-order it here.

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