Perception shifts again as we enter the Mirror Zone – third portal business for the new trip. Vector Trancer at the helm for this one, following hot on the heels of transpiritualist DJ Ungel, and the tribal breaks/rhythm trance of Memphis; his is a different beast however, expanding slowly with more weight – heavy and heady. We’re off-world, pulsing through core cosmology and horology with slow-motion script; ritual trudge and altered dreaming towards distant realities. Ceaseless, both beautiful and menacing in introspective and interstellar enquiry.

Our selection is ‘Space Gibbon Mantra’ – whoops and shrieks echo above the canopy, urgent and excited; the sub is agile as light between trees, but creaks under it’s own weight – massive and guttural it billows up from low chasms. More rhythm, more movement, more vital – it grows upwards, unfurling. Determined positive energy.

New shades here for MZ, in parts more sinister – the hard ones have a relentless lick of half-speed EBM. Experimental, cosmic, affirming or unsettling – big mythology.

Opening The Inner Gates 1 is out March 4th on Mirror Zone – pre-order the vinyl here.

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