Deep from within the thinking core of the ’90s techno bubble, Jason Williams, AKA Velocette, was quietly constructing some of the most notable electronic music of that era. Comparable to contemporary acts ranging from B12 to Move D, Williams contributed to the blooming sci-fi scape of techno from the get-go, releasing much of his work through Jonah Sharp’s Reflective Records. Now as we enter a second dawn of electro-reexamination, Melbourne’s consistently brilliant A Colorful Storm lines up its first compilation, reissuing handpicked selections from the Velocette back catalogue for digital and physical consumption.

There’s plenty to admire about Williams’ contributions to the canon of ambient techno past and present: atmospherics that seems to be both warm and chilly, a mechanical rhythm section seated with soulful bounce, more bleeps and bloops than can or should be counted. ‘Quantum Mechanix’ could be the emotional backdrop to an Amiga home computer gaining sentience and learning to speak for the first time, only to be sucked into the vacuum of deep space as the spaceships hull collides with a rather crunchy asteroid.

Discotheque Saudades is out February 21st on A Colourful Storm – pre-order here

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