It takes something special to catch the attention of Going Good selectors Brian Not Brian and Salik, whose reputation as leftfield heads stretches far beyond their London stomping ground. Enter Vesu’s, AKA Vesa-Matti Kivioja, a Finnish producer with a penchant for Jamaican dub, twilight field recordings, and a somewhat mystical interest in lizards. The rest, as they say, is history, but you can forget the cliches and chin-stroking oddities on this one; Vesu’s List Of Lizards is a luscious exercise in percussive rainforest dub.

All made in his hometown of Vaasa, the six-tracker merges folds vinyl samples, software-coded drum loops, and live percussion with analogue and FM synth into a record revelling in its reverb-soaked anachronisms. Recorded live, outdoors, and late at night on Finland’s rugged west coast, ‘Seven Lined Ameiva’ is the perfect example of just that. Kivioja glides between mid-’70s jazz-funk samples and joystick vapour grooves with panache. Plucking out melodies and sowing them in the soft mass behind the temples, he leaves you nostalgic for the thawing of the Finnish ice.

List Of Lizards is out now on Going Good – buy it here.

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