If you try to write a definitive list of who’s who in Chicago house and Vincent Floyd isn’t on there, it’s probably best you put the pen down and walk away. For a career spanning nearly three decades, The Dance Mania stalwart hasn’t actually released as much as one might guess, but his impact and influence on the now global phenomenon of house music is undeniable. That said, it’s taken retrospectives on labels like Rush Hour for Floyd to be recognised in the upper echelons of the genre or mentioned in the same breath as fellow Chi-Town natives like Adonis or Jesse Saunders.

Operating at the deeper end of the spectrum and taking cues from Fingers Inc., Floyd’s productions were written with musicality in mind. It’s what set him apart from many of his peers releasing on Dance Mania, and possibly why he didn’t gain the same traction in the early ‘90s. Crafting classy, understated jams became his calling card and his resurgence, no matter how many years later, is more than deserved.

Now appearing on nascent Argentinian label Jupiter4, Floyd’s latest outing has materialised on a four-track love letter to Chicago entitled What´s Going On / The Spacy Saga Vol. 1. Also sporting cuts from DJ Lil’ Tal, Mauser and Bernard Badie, ‘Sundraria’ is a cosmic entity, a symphony of celestial synth noodling, twinkling keys and 707 patterns. The track washes over like a massage, showcasing this long-time underrated artist’s knack for an earworm groove.

What´s Going On / The Spacy Saga Vol. 1 is out September 24th on Jupiter4 – pre-order the vinyl here.

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