Violet made waves with her Togetherness EP. In fact, if you found a dancefloor around the time of its release, there’s a good chance you heard the anthemic titular cut. It was the inaugural effort for her then newly-minted Naive imprint, and following two years in the proverbial wilderness (a collaboration with Bleid in 2018 being only other appearance on the label), mother finally returns to her old stomping ground.

Our pick, ‘Psyche’, sounds a bit like The Black Dog, if the legendary Sheffield outfit released their first demos on Cómeme circa 2015. What’s more, Eris Drew herself partakes with a remix of ‘Psyche’, reimagining the trance throb into some dancefloor-ready goodness marked by Drew’s own psychedelic complexity.

The Espírito EP is out April 23rd on Naive | Pre-order here

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