Voin Oruwu, AKA Koloah, is an alias from Kiev-based producer Dmitriy Avkesentiev. A self-described purveyor of “space influenced synthesizer music,” his debut album, titled Big Space Adventure, is now primed for release on the ever-reliable Russian imprint, Private Persons.

Voin Oruwu describes his aesthetic (on his soundcloud page) as “sounds of the jungle with drone diffusion” and his latest project reportedly stems from his love of cinematography and the exploration of mystical worlds. Live sets have garnered him a reputation as one of the most pivotal techno artists coming out of Ukraine.

B2’s ‘Oruwu Island’ is a post-apocalyptic excursion, fusing together cinematic soundscapes with audibly desolate techno. The dark rhythm mirrors the palpable energy of Post-revolution Ukraine. Sharp and multi dimensional, this forward thinking record feels as if you are centred amongst the echoing hopefulness of Kiev’s industrial techno scene, amongst in a country that still has a way to go in terms of progressive politics.

Big Space Adventure is out May 25th on Private Persons – pre-order direct from the label.

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