The over-saturation of electronic music impossible to escape, record labels encouraging artists to innovate and experiment are an absolute breath of fresh air. Both fitting the description, Banlieue and Peur Bleue have come together in a Gallic collaboration expected to turn more than a few heads, inviting London duo Watching Airplanes to deliver their genre-bending debut as a joint release.

Poured straight from the melting pot, Psyop is like an amalgam of all the electronic music these guys have grown up listening to, distilled into one record. It’s hard to find a moment that feels derivative, however – an impressive feat considering the significant nods to the footwork, electro, IDM and techno that came before. Favouring futurism over revivalism, Watching Airplanes channel their influences into something that feels remarkably fresh. ‘All Seeing I’ demonstrates this better than most with it’s glitchy sound design, balancing an ominous pulse against progressive sci-fi soundscapes.

Psyop is out March 30th as a joint release between Banlieue and Peur Bleue – pre-order the vinyl here.

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