Following its inaugural release, You and Me in Outer Space Togethether by Lo-Will, Colonge label RDK Island returns with five ethereal, offbeat cuts of spacious and mercurial ambient jungle built on the amen break, courtesy of WCC (AKA White Collar Crime). From the crawling undergrowth synth swells of the title track and frenetic trilling amen chops of ‘Warfare’ to the sheer beatless atmosphere setter of Held, Heroic Purgatory charters many moods and influences: making clear stops at breakbeat, techno, jungle, trance and ambient, the productions featured are perfect for either the warm-up or the cool-down.

Propulsive without ever going fully peak-time, jungle/techno hybrid ‘Ana’ sees heavily saturated snare whacks set the pace on before a huge 808 kick makes its presence felt within the drum architecture. Light and euphoric, trance-voiced synths begin to permeate the mix, the huge wubbing bassline throbbing and spilling into the soundscape. As the bassline reprieves, a deep and mystical curtain of synth shimmers cascade from top to bottom, inviting the percussion to pick up and mutate. A soundsystem assault for all occasions.

Heroic Purgatory is out April 27th on RDK Island – pre-order direct from the label.

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