Something’s brewing in South London. Emerging from the primordial ooze of Peckham’s Rye Wax basement comes a new label operating at the intersection of “industrial, dub, wave and bass.” Such is the mission statement of Whip+Lash, the brainchild of SOUVENIR‘s Claire Voyant and Weird Weather duo D.E Thornley and L.J Horstman.

Tongue Drum is a departure from balmier sounds heard on releases for Going Good and Emotional Especial​. This is Weird Weather at their most diabolical, forged of viscous aural slime, hard-edged timbres and oppressive dub FX. Placing emphasis on murk and infused with vitality, a discernible thread running throughout sets the precedent for future W+L output.

Bookended by gamelan-enriched techno dirge and doom-laden electronics, our pick bridges a gap between opaque, 808-powered dub and caustic, industrial clatter.

Tongue Drum is out March 17th on Whip+Lash – pre-order here

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