Modular synthesis might seem impenetrable to the uninitiated. Conjuring sounds from an impossible tangle of wires, it’s intimidating to be sure, but recent years have seen a resurgence in the practice as the likes of Will Alfred carry a torch lit decades earlier by modular pioneers like Buchla and Moog. Debuting on Great Curve, a new London label geared towards the intersection of headphone and dancefloor, Alfred’s Falling Frontwards Into Pincers should be canonised as an episode in the great modular renaissance.

‘O, As Satan Took Them’ ushers the record towards its most experimental climes in a union of synth and live instrumentation. Off-kilter utterances, live drumming and otherworldly squalls compete for room in the mix, the stereo field in a constant state of flux in the wake of a misshapen electro rhythm. A trip through strange and beguiling musical backwaters, somewhere between free jazz and experimental electronics.

Falling Frontwards Into Pincers is out February 28th on Great Curve – pre-order here

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