After ‘Flesh’, their skull-crushing contribution to a recent Avon Terror Corps compilation, avant-Milano weirdos Wisecrack let loose another blitzkrieg. Said to have become one in 2018, Francesco Manzato and Federico Campo have seriously aroused curiosity of what’s to come via this crabbed, broken techno-esque sonic mood board. A Maple Death Records debut of seismic proportions, the tracks assembled on Wisecrack pivot towards the butchered mechanics of humble body operatives Schwefelgelb, resembling the sonic commentary of piss-off electronics and suburban decay we all love.

Establishing an apocalyptic mood, ‘Wrongful Death’ exhibits elements tribal-post-dub with some diagnosed concrete cancer added for serious measure. The track need not race along, and instead slow burns along for the duration. The unintelligible vocals from either Federico or Francesco that whirl in and out cast an additional hallucinatory enhancement as well. Heavy.

Wisecrack is out October 30th on Maple Death Records | Pre-order here

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