Nature has always featured prominently in Dmytrij Wulffius‘ creative exploits. Whether as a photographer – capturing moments when our manmade world and the great outdoors collide – or a producer, the Ukrainian native is clearly fascinated by his natural surroundings. Scrolling through his photographs, the instances when human presence has drastically altered the landscape are poignant, but the occasions when nature has someway reclaimed its territory are what really resonates (see the photo of an exotic, potted plant invaded by drooping stalactites).

Reflecting these qualities in his music, there’s something profoundly bucolic about the title track of Wulffius’ full debut. Whether it be the willowy melodies or frostbitten timbres, certain elements draw comparisons to Recondite. Nonetheless, the mood isn’t quite so desolate. Like the tip of a pine tree poking from beneath a snowdrift or a weed growing through the cracks in the pavement, there’s a glimmer of warmth emanating through the rumbling percussion.

In The Pines’ Crowns is out now now on Wicked Bass Records – buy the vinyl from Juno (UK) or pre-order over at (EU).

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