Some suggest you can trace the origins of Russian electronic music to Votkinsk, a city situated in the western reaches of the country. Also the birthplace of renowned composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, nascent imprint ABCD (‘Any Body Can Dance’) looks to continue its long-standing tradition of musical innovation, fuelled a keen desire to demonstrate that notable Russian electronic music isn’t restricted to the confines of Moscow. Setting its stall out on the inaugural release – a four-track affair spearheaded by locals Xan and Honeälome – our first taste of the intriguing project, as demonstrated on the opening cut, draws on Votkinsk’s industrial backdrop.

Whiffs of luminous synth heard on ‘A’ bring a soft touch to an otherwise rugged workout of corrosive bass and steely breaks that recalls metallurgy and concrete. Percolating electronics offer moments of respite but beyond halfway, the violent maelstrom is all-consuming, steamrolling everything in its path like the intense heat of a foundry kiln spilling molten metal across the ground.

ABCD001 is out October 2nd – pre-order the vinyl here.

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