Vancouver’s ISLA have a gleaming clutch here; eight highly personal recordings from the eXquisite CORpse. For those without, Robbert Heijnen is a pillar of PWOG, one of four forming the hypnogogic and deep/vital rhythm troupe, who left to focus on his own solo work in 1992. He met Debbie Jones, essential in Vancouver’s burgeoning EDM and industrial scene (setting up Graceland, previously Luv-a-Fair, and the attached zine Discotext) when she came to the Netherlands to write an article about PWOG. The pair fell in love and began making music together as eXquisite CORpsE, turning out deep, ethereal, transmogrifying electronic which straddles experimental, trance and techno.

The detailed, polyrhythmic, and abstract sounds operate as both lithe, vital energy and subdued, complex dreamtime; the tracks here shown by Isla are from their ‘XqST’ incarnation, perhaps deeper and more meditative than their other releases (Inner Light, Between Worlds, Reassembling Reality). They’re particularly sweet in being drawn mainly from improvisations the pair recorded in their home studio in Vancouver during 2003 – except one track recorded in the Netherlands in 1996 – during which time “Robbert and Debbie would put their kids to bed and retreat to their home studio, where making music together was a way to relax.” It’s a tender and beautiful expression of the symbiosis between them “created for each other, now to be shared.”

∀E is out March 23rd on ISLA – pre-order here

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