It hasn’t taken Alien Jams long to grow from radio show to prominent label in the vanguard of experimental electronics. Beatrice Dillon, Karen Gwyer and rkss to Design A Wave, Nick Klein and Wilted Woman, the back catalogue almost reads like a who’s who of artists that have made a name for pushing sonic boundaries. Yaws on the other hand is a lesser-known quantity, but one building a reputation on confounding aesthetics and avant-garde sensibility; it’s a style perfectly at home with the ethos behind Chloe Freida‘s label.

The Hollow Hum is the London-based producer’s latest release; the fourth he’s put on in the space of four years and the second to materialise on Alien Jams. A left turn, albeit one that isn’t particularly extreme, the minimalism of his label debut has been traded for a more turbulent approach, and nowhere is this more apparent than ‘Leftovers Cube’. Imbued with a nervous energy, the unfettered collision of noise, rhythmic assault and jarring synthesis could disrupt the very fabric of time and space.

The Hollow Hum is out July 19th on Alien Jams – pre-order here.

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