We’re going to talk about Yoshinori Hayashi’s forthcoming release on Disco Halal. It’s a complete oddball, but that’s the same for a lot of Yoshinori’s production. Not being one to shy away from experimentation or spontaneity, it comes as no surprise that Uncountable Set, his fifth release since starting out in 2015 on Going Good, is rooted in the strangest, eeriest avant-garde.

A fascinating listen, it’s genuine and for many, quite refreshing at a time when you could easily argue that things are feeling increasingly derivative. Positively eccentric – a theme that remains a fixture through the EP – ‘Stepping on Dewdrops’ exists somewhere between the lines of vintage gaming OSTs and abstract sampling mishmashed into a hip hop beat. Weird, occasionally bordering on creepy, but one to churn out for time to come.

Uncountable Set is out January 26th on Disco Halal – pre-order the vinyl here.

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