Though we journey deeper into the winter months, the lazy pleasures of summer a distant memory, we’ve been gifted a ray of sunshine here via the latest slab on Edits Du Plaisir, sub-label of Parisian balearics imprint Plaisir Partagé. Having had contributions from established artists like label mainstay  Shelter and Mothball Record head honcho Hysteric, Edits Du Plaisir sees a fresh pair of producers step up to the plate as French duo Youkounkoun line up their full debut.

Señorita is a short and sweet collection of (you guessed it) edits of classic French synth-pop tunes, upbeat cuts kissed by the rhythms and moods of ’80s new wave, jazz, and new age, skinned and sliced julienne to meet the needs of discerning dance floor chefs worldwide. ‘A Quoi Tu Danses Quand Tu Penses’ delivers the aforementioned goods as a streamlined version of the 1985 Pierre Eliane hit ‘Isadora Duncan (A Quoi Tu Penses Quand Tu Dance)’, a slick and breathy clap-laden number whose original maxi-single incarnation will fetch you a cool 50-90 Pounds on Discogs if you’re lucky. But really, why sweat the substance when you can grab this well-prepared slab of stuff for the equivalent of bag of tasty pastries? Seemingly a sure thing.

Señorita is out December 7th on Edits Du Plaisir – pre-order the vinyl here.

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