After two releases of ’80s new wave hauntology and industrial dirge, Serbian label and ‘pretentious club night’ YES has tipped its head towards the irreverent lightness of Yssue, who returns with his first release in four years.

In that time the Moscow-based producer, who began making pretty slick acidic techno, seems to have been soaking in a potent marinade of dub-wisdom: some of it sounds as if Mad Professor had released on Deep Medi as impeccable crunches of percussion meet echoing, twisting, disintegrating ruptures of synth and siren. Fans of Golden Teacher will be thrilled to hear Yssue’s explorations of dancehall surrealism on ‘Lawnmower Dub’ and ‘Say You Won’t Do Dat’, while our pick ‘Riddim The Dirt’ and ‘Rusty Warped Break’ push the bass-heavy hybrid into giddy new territory, befitting a deep huff of the EP’s title.

All of the above makes it shocking to find ‘Day of the Dead’ nestled just ahead of the runout groove on A3: a bizarre and brilliant electro-leaning jam, it’s topped with a loony monologue on the semantics and etiquette pertaining to Mexico’s Día de Muertos. The boldness to include this bonkers outlier is representative of an artist and label pushing serious sounds with a silly attitude; just like Mexico’s ambivalence towards death, Laughing Gas says “yes” to colour and joy as often as the dark and deadpan.

The Laughing Gas is out June 5th on YES | Pre-order here

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