Taking a keen interest in the “incongruity of the world around us,” Taiwanese artist Yutie Lee welcomes in the unsettling spring of 2020 with an enchanting yet disconcerting ode to the beauty of flowers. Set for release on Munich label Public PossessionFlower Protocol is split into two halves: part one is based on six subtly warped and mutated Chinese folk songs that praise the Tuberosa, Rose, Jasmine, Plum Blossom, Orchids and Chamomile respectively, while the B-side drafts in remixes from Alva Noto, Bell Towers, Laura Groves, Oceanic and Suzanne Kraft.

The immersive Oceanic reinterpretation feels like an extension of Lee’s investigation into the modes of synthesia. Vocals are looped, communicating a sweet, fragile celebration of the natural world, coupled with complex disorientating sound design and shrill synth led stabs. It induces a feeling of urgency, yet its warmth brings to light the ancient message resonating deep within the folk songs that inspired Lee from the outset.

Flower Protocol is out April 10th on Public Possession | Pre-order here

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