Jeremiah R follows up releases on Tabernacle and Enklav with four cuts of subterranean Electro.

The BAKK label hit the ground running in 2014, delivering three impressive 12″s that somehow sounded as if they’d all been formed from the same curious sound palette. Now on their fourth release, the Hague-based imprint haven’t looked too far afield for the next contribution to the BAKK arsenal, coming in the shape of a four-track number from one of Rotterdam’s own.

Previous outings on Tabernacle and Enklav set the tone for what we could expect from Jeremiah R’s BAKK debut and as predicted, it’s normal service from the Dutch producer. Opening with a bit of downtempo Electro, the title-track’s undulating synth lines begin to build an atmosphere best described as other-worldly. We enter no-nonsense territory on the A-side counterpart with bubbling 303s taking the lead, while a supporting cast of clicks, cymbals and everything in-between come together in an unremitting cacophony.

Jeremiah digs even deeper on the flip with ‘Weeds’, making use of some absorbing synth washes that ride ominously against the driving swells of low-end. ‘Bioluminescence’, meanwhile, is a gentler sort of affair, combining acidic squelches and placid synth textures that fit together like matching pieces from a jigsaw. Stripped-back to the necessary components but still impactful, Jeremiah’s closing track is the perfect end to a release clearly indebted to the early electronic sounds of Detroit. We don’t make this comparison lightly, but there’s an air of Drexciya in his productions.

You can pre-order BAKK004 in 12″ format here.


A1. Melancholy Fish
A2. Diving
B1. Weeds
B2. Bioluminescence

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