Dekmantel sign up “golden boy” Palms Trax for their next release.

2014 was a breakthrough year for Jay Donaldson aka Palms Trax. Lobster Theremin played a big part in the producer’s rapid ascendence, but Donaldson got to where he is now on his own merit. That’s mostly down his ability to craft elegant and emotive tracks in his own inimitable style and the Berlin resident’s back at it again, this time around for Dekmantel’s in-house label.

Like the majority of Donaldson’s productions, breezy synth textures and luxurious pads are a pervading theme throughout the release. Opening with a palatial blend of opulent textures and warm but meaty bass patterns, it’s A-side counterpart is a slightly jauntier affair. Retaining the graceful synth work, ‘People of Tusk’ relies on a loose 303 loop to provide some groove, while the flip plays host to even more acidic business.

Vocal snippets put through the FX blender until they’re sounding menacing and guttural give ‘Sumo Acid Crew’ an ominous tone, but it’s the combination of rough, arpeggiating acid lines and soaring synths that lend the track most of its character. Normally associated with releasing bright techno efforts from the likes of Juju & Jordash and Joey Anderson, In Gold is a welcome step out of the comfort zone for a label looking to broaden their horizons.

DKMNTL024 is out in both 12″ and digital format on March 16th.


a1. Palms Trax – In Gold
a2. Palms Trax – People of Tusk
b1. Palms Trax – Sumo Acid Crew

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