We were first introduced to Telephones through a collaboration with DJ Fett Burger (on the former’s Sex Tags Mania imprint) and the shimmering disco constructions made an immediate impression. With tracks titles like “Hot Destinations For A Cooler You” and “Untitled (The Island)”, it’s no secret that this guy has a penchant for the tropical, but his debut for Love On The Rocks takes it that one step further.

Lotusland is more of the Balearic-referencing, disco-house business we’ve come to expect from Telephones, with two variations of the title track, each suited to a particular time in the party (hence the ‘Sunset’ and ‘Sunrise’ titles). Sampling waves crashing against a shoreline is a new extreme in the producer’s attempts to evoke memories of beach holidays and images of tropical paradises, but alongside the bright, infectious melodies, both edits make for excellent summertime ammunition.

The record also features Discodromo and Gatta Fritto on the remix duties, the former’s rework retaining the disco grooves of the original, with the latter going in a totally different direction.

Lotusland is out on the 14th July 2014. Pre-order it here.

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