Clone deliver the second instalment of a two-parter from French multi-instrumentalist, Gary Gritness.

While some labels still make the odd foray into electro territory, few have been championing the sound like Clone’s Crown Ltd series. Reggie Blount, Dexter and Jellphonic are amongst the names to contribute to the label with their own funkafied interpretations of the genre, but none can boast that they came to Clone’s attention via a tip-off from Underground Resistance. Admittedly, they were all established artists in their own rights before their Crown Ltd debuts, but still…

As a founding member of the seminal Detroit collective, when Mad Mike speaks, people tend to listen. Clone did just that when he told them to check out the Nancy-based mutli-instrumentalist, Gary Gritness aka Slikk Tim, and in no time the Dutch label had the producer signed up for a two-parter on their Crown Ltd offshoot. Entitled The Adventures of Gary Gritness, the second instalment infuses “nowadays influences from the streets of Detroit, Oakland and Atlanta” into five tracks of slick and steely electro funk.

The Adventures of Gary Gritness – Chapter 2 is out in both 12″ and digital format on March 9th.


  1. Faded Out
  2. The Payback
  3. The Betrayal
  4. Poisonous Hoes
  5. Shit Back Poppin’

If you enjoyed that, check out this clip of Gritness playing the keys from ‘Poisionous Hoes’ live:

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