Things get a bit weird as Tuff Sherm and Patch Free make their Butter Sessions debut.

If you weren’t aware, electronic music is alive and kicking in Australia. Leading the way are Untzz Twelve Inch and Plastic World, and we’re really enjoying the diverse and vibrant output from a country rarely recognised for its musical endeavours. The music also seems to reflect its place of origin. Often bright and optimistic, their electronic output is regularly saturated with a carefree charm and sense of humour many would associate with the country’s inhabitants.

Another label of note is the Melbourne-based Butter Sessions, set to welcome one of Australia’s most prodigious talents into the fold. Tuff Sherm (aka Dro Carey) is the name in question and having made a splash on our rainy shores with releases for The Trilogy Tapes and Berceuse Heroique, he’s returned to Oz for a collaboration with compatriot and friend, Patch Free (who happens to be making his full debut).

Woozy, off-centre house seems to be the name of the game and it’s executed flawlessly over three original tracks. Mind-altering synth lines and meaty rhythms are present in abundance over the record, while the frothy, funk-ridden keys of ‘Party Scraps’ work particularly well in tandem with the piano-led construction marching along beneath. If that wasn’t enough, Börft Records owners Frak are on the remix duties, twisting the tribal rhythms of ‘Pusillanimous’ into an atmospheric 4/4 chug.

Australians can purchase BSR003 here, while the rest of the world will have to wait until February 2nd.

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