The latest release from Slow Life, the Berlin-based label which describes itself as a “multidisciplinary hispano-italian project” comes from Primary Perception, an intriguing musical duo made up of brothers Mahy and Nichel Cruz. Evidence Of A Primary Perception is an astonishing double vinyl album, spanning eleven cosmically titled original tracks, as well as two additional remixes – one of which is by Slow Life’s Spanish producer and “expert percussionist” S. Moreira, the other a product of Moreira’s collaborative project alongside Indi Zone, Ethereal Logic.

The highlights come thick and fast on this aspirational, interplanetary LP, filled with some of the finest electronic curios we’ve heard of late. Things get off to a strong start with ‘Sounds From Space’, a synth-laden gem guaranteed to have listeners swooning from the get-go. The expertly conveyed interdimensional transmission vibe is firmly established on the proceeding A-side cuts ‘Cellular Communication’ and ‘Planetary Citizen’: both tunes have grandiose yet instantaneously captivating hooks that sound extraterrestrial in every sense of the word.

As the album progresses its diversity becomes more and more apparent. ‘12Bit Spacecraft’ evokes some classic electro with its quintessential ear-worm of a melody, whilst ‘Quantum Theory’ incorporates some vintage breaks into its initially jerky rhythmic sensibility, only for the track to eventually morph into a deliciously realised, chord-driven jam at the apex of its movement. Smooth, danceable funk is delivered via ‘Cosmic Waves’ and ‘Triplet Move’ reveals itself to be another strangely crafted piece of work, with its smooth jazz sounds seemingly intertwined with a charming downtempo melodic exploration. 

A final high point from this fantastic collection of songs is ‘The Backster Effect’, an energetic house number which, in many ways, showcases what is so great about this LP as a whole: its sense of fun and genuine love for creative electronic music is more than obvious, and a further reminder that Primary Perception have delivered a very special debut album indeed.

Evidence Of A Primary Perception is out March 13th on Slow Life – pre-order the vinyl here.

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