Moscoman comes off as a pretty peculiar character. Tongue-in-cheek tales of Cold War-era espionage obscure his identity, while releases on labels like I’m A ClichéRenate Schallplatten and his own Disco Halal project combine Eastern influences with enchanting electronics in a bewitching style. Red Axes on the other hand tend to let their personality speak through the music alone, but together the Tel Aviv natives prove a formidable trio as they join up for the first time.

Always challenging convention, ESP Institute was the ideal destination for these old friends to coalesce their ideas into a release – the end result being two original productions that appear to dip into the same globetrotting palette we’ve grown accustomed to. ‘Dikembe Manutu’ lays down a rugged, sultry groove and backs it up with chrome-plated African drums and the trance-inducing chirrups that flutter like fireflies dancing through the tropical mist.

An analogue workout in the truest sense, ‘Rage In The Cage’ marks quite a departure from its predecessor. Ebbing and flowing from the off, acid-laced rumblings and a smattering of steely percussion give the impression that this was recorded on the spot – a quality that pervades music that was as fun to make as it is to dance to.

ESP032 is out now and available at most good retailers – buy in vinyl or digital format.

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