To save you a bit of digging time we’re compiling a list of our favourite reissues and retrospectives each month. Here’s what stood out in March…

Plustwo – Melody/Stop Fantasy (Mothball Record) [Buy]

Hysteric’s Mothball Record has emerged as one of the finest italo disco outlets around. It’s no secret. Sure, they deal in other genres, but the label’s main fixation is most certainly italo, with the latest effort considered a holy grail of sorts by many. First released in 1983, both sides are essential as Plustwo’s intricate arrangements and virtuosic instrumentation mark a pinnacle in the evolution of italo disco. The vocals may not be for everyone, but brimming with earworm melodies, you can’t deny it’s catchy as hell. If you do, you’re lying. Plain as simple.


Richard Davis – Methane Sea (Spanish Mission) [Buy]

Have you ever paid the slightest bit of attention to the lineage of electronic music? If so, you’ve probably heard of Juan Atkins. The weird thing is, while Juan’s reputation precedes himself, his fellow Cybotron founder has faded into relative obscurity. Despite being co-founder of the seminal electro outfit, you’d be forgiven for having never heard of Richard Davis. That said, the producer was even busy innovating before Cybotron and while dealing his own “personal turmoil and a head full of memories from the Vietnam War,” Davis recorded a truly mesmerizing ambient piece. Ominous and threatening, the grief and angst is nearly tangible.


Suso Sáiz – Odiesa (Music From Memory) [Buy]

Amsterdam’s Music From Memory has a reputation for delivering gold-standard retrospectives. For some, their releases have even earned ‘instabuy’ status. It’s all on merit rather than hype, however, and not being the sort to disappoint, the label’s latest excavations certainly live up to our lofty expectations. Collating music from a career that spanned over twenty years, the Odiesa compilation looks back at the career of Spanish ambient artist, Suso Sáiz. Comprised of 18 tracks, it features music from Sáiz’s 3 solo albums and a little-known cassette LP, as well as some unreleased material. There’s also talk of a followup effort focusing on his collaborative work.


City People/20 Below ‎- It’s All In The Groove / A Lil’ Tribute To The Moody Black Keys / Jus’ Nite Groovin’ (MCDE) [Buy]

Irfan Hussain has released music under many different guises, although he’s probably best known for his work as 20 Below and City People – the latter alongside Brazilian guitarist, Franco Ze. In fact, it’s under those two names that Hussain produced what Motor City Drum Ensemble considers “one of the finest house music 12″s to ever come out of the UK.” The Stuttgart-born party starter is such a fan of the record, he’s even tapped it up for a reissue via his MCDE imprint, and just in time for the 20th anniversary of the original release. 

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