To save you a bit of digging time we’re compiling a list of our favourite reissues and retrospectives each month. Here’s what stood out in September…

Underground Resistance – World 2 World [Buy]

These aren’t strictly reissues, but the balaclava-clad outfit helmed by “Mad” Mike Banks have been rolling out remastered versions of their classic records, and they’re certainly worth a mention. Bound to make a dent in the bank balance, the latest is arguably one of their finest outings to date. Twenty-four years on since World 2 World‘s initial release and it’s still lightyears ahead of its time. Picking a favourite is tough, but you forced if our hand it would have to be between the mind-expanding ‘Jupiter Jazz’ and goosebump-inducing ‘Amazon’. Detroit techno at its very finest.


Roberto De Simone – II° Coro Delle Lavandaie w/ Leo Mas & Fabrice Remix [Buy]

Archeo Recordings have set the bar high with a slew of stellar releases since the label’s inception in 2014. Specialists in unearthing and dusting off obscure and often hard-to-find Italian music from the ’70s and ’80s, they’ve really outdone themselves with the latest offering, remastering and repackaging a percussive piece of traditional Neapolitan music. Committed to vinyl for the first time since 1978, this is a holy grail of sorts for diggers around the globe. Adventurous DJs have also had their prayers answered with the inclusion of an unreleased long version, with a ‘Balaeric Voodo Mix’ from Ibizan legends Leo Mas and Fabrice adding an extra dimension. Saturated in swathes of reverb and delay, you’ll struggle not to loose yourself in their heady, Balearic chug.


Electronome ‎- Music Telex [Buy]

Besides an outing on his own short-lived Nu-Vorm Records, Ronald Klaver exclusively released all his music on the labels run by The Hague-based electro misfit I-f. With four unnerving, ominous transmissions from the Murder Capital, Music Telex is an crucial release from a golden age of Dutch electro. First seeing the light of day in ’98 on parent label Viewlexx, this slab of stripped-back, freaky electro has returned, fully remastered and primed to do some damage.


Wanexa – The Man From Colours [Buy]

Swirling Italo from the reissue powerhouse Dark Entries. Resident Advisor’s Associate Editor Will Lynch recently criticised the label for not being clinical enough with their prolific output, but we’re not complaining. Releasing five records simultaneously was a first, but traversing a world where licensing and remastering are fraught with complications, their efforts to breath new life into long-forgotten Italo gems can’t be understated. Better known as the ‘Lectric Workers, Franco Rago and Gigi Farina released this bomb way back in ’82 via Discomagic Records. Increasing heart rates with propulsive grooves and pulling on heartstrings with melancholic pads, it’s another gem from the Dark Entries assembly line.


Gemini – Imagine-A-Nation [Buy]

The subject of media speculation over the state of his health and whereabouts, Spency Kincy is one of Chicago house’s more elusive and enigmatic personalities. Debates over whether he receives advances and royalties for the reissuing of his productions have raged on in Discogs comment sections for some time, but it seems like he is alive, well and profiting from those releases. Reissue specialists Anotherday Records are the latest to join a growing list of Gemini enthusiasts to re-release his music, serving up a varied and infectious LP of quintessential Chicago house. Originally released on Cajual sub-label Relief Records back in 1997, this one’s essential.

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