To save you a bit of digging time we’re compiling a list of our favourite reissues and retrospectives each month. Here’s what stood out in October…

Chayell – It’s Never Too Hot [Buy]

Chrismar Chayell‘s It’s Never Too Hot EP first appeared on the now defunct Antler Records back in 1987, but Isle Of Jura make the balmy 2-tracker their sophomore release. Infusing Belgian new beat rhythms with sea breeze and tropical fervour, both sides will transport you to the hidden cove of a deserted Caribbean island. Thanks to DJ Harvey giving it plenty of rotation it fetches a pretty penny on Discogs and its reissue sees Isle Of Jura emerge as a reliable outlet for rare dancefloor oddities. The 12″ has already sold out at most reliable outlets though, so we recommend acting fast!


Altern 8 – Full On Mask Hysteria [Buy]

October sees the release of an entirely remastered edition of Full-On Mask Hysteria, a classic LP from the hugely influential Stafford duo Altern 8. Originally released ’92, this reissue is also equipped with a handful of remixes from the likes of KiNK, Shadow Dancer, 2 Bad Mice and Luke Vibert to go alongside the original old school sounds. With a remaster by Posthuman and an assuredly loud cutting for club use by Radioactive Man, it really is for fans of acid, breakbeat and seminal electronic music everywhere.


Anna – Systems Breaking Down [Buy]

There’s something undeniably beautiful about this classic slice of British coldwave. The tone of singing voice and sustained chords are almost uplifting, but juxtaposed against the despondent lyrics and descending synths of the latter stages and it’s simultaneously bittersweet, melancholic and life affirming. Yet to release a dud, reissue powerhouse Be With Records have taken it upon themselves to make the record available to diggers far and wide. Fully remastered with both sought-after version of the track and the original artwork, it’s another outstanding effort from the Be With camp.


Silver Apples – Beacon [Buy]

Following a damaging lawsuit with Pan American Airlines over the controversial cover art of their second LP, Contact, experimental prog-psych duo Silver Apples faded into relative obscurity. That was, until they remerged to release another album on their own Whirlybird label almost 30 years later. Essentially a solo project from enigmatic frontman Simeon Coxe, Beacon was recorded in it’s entirety at London’s Abbey Road studios – listen closely and you can hear the quintessentially British pastoral influences seeping through. Now well into his 70’s and Coxe is still going strong, finally deciding to press the the bewitching arrangements and pulsating, motorik-style soundscapes of his third studio album to wax.

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