A self-described “analogue enthusiast,” Rudolf C‘s debut came on Neo Violence before helping to christen the fledgling Salt Mines label he co-runs with a few pals. Now preparing to release on the excellent and equally fresh-faced X-Kalay, the Melbourne native has served up both his and the label’s best work to date.

In a symbiosis of crystallised Juno melodies and (fairly) understated acid lines, the aptly-titled Synaesthesia 12″ comes in full technicolour. Spread over four tracks of “blissed out backyard house,” Rudolf anchors the lighter elements with flurries of flying kicks and hard-hitting snare drums that land in all the right places.

With said release on the near horizon, Rudolf has provided a killer selection of tracks to keep us going as we eagerly await its impending drop. Ambient techno from the Berlin-based Acting Press, Diana Ross-sampling Memphis rap and Dutch EBM from 1987, you couldn’t go wrong with this playlist, rain or shine;

1. Criminal Manne – Fist Full Of Bricks

Anyone own this tape? Hit me up if you do.

2. CC NOT – [303 IMUX]

I’m new on Acting Press but it’s very safe to say that this release has jumped up to the top of my favourites.

3. Robotiko Rejekto – Rejekto (Perfekto Mix)

Super sleazy European electro, slinking around back alleys.

4. PLO man – Nearly Invisible

Once again with Acting Press – this tune plays in the back of my head all day. 

5. Black Flag – The Swinging Man

Off one of my favourite BF albums – anxiety inducing, broken up shit.

6. Beau Wanzer – Slow Down Sir

This whole LP is something else.

7. 187 Family – Player Haters


8. Three 6 Mafia – Mask and Da Glock 

Triple Six take me back to being 14 – smoking cigarettes behind the apartment blocks near my parents house and doing terrible fill ins on the sound barriers in the middle of the day. 

9. Rob – Forgive Us All

Rob is an underrated king. Dilla did a classic with one of his tracks. Pretty sure I saw this record selling for like a thousand bucks on Discogs once. 

10. Rezzet – Goodness

One of the tracks that got me into dance music… Feel good darkness.

The Synaesthesia EP is out on X-Kalay on May 27th – pre-order direct from the label.

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