Florence-based DJ and producer Sciahri finds himself dishing up the latest offering on Black Opal, the physically dedicated vinyl offshoot of UK imprint, Opal Tapes. Entitled Behind the Line, the EP brings us four tracks which prove to be an impressive batch of absorbing techno and immersive electronic music – it is unsurprising that the Italian has previously put out music on Ilian Tape, with his approach very much in sync with that of the Zenker Brothers and their hazy, yet altogether highly powerful aesthetic.

The highlights of the release are often to do with this aforementioned style, which Sciahri manages to maintain consistently throughout the EP, albeit with different explorations of this sound on each cut. ‘Eremite’ utilises truly beautiful noise to accompany its boom-ridden backbone, and ‘Ambiguity’ pulsates with rapid yet seemingly pinpoint movement: its looming backdrop of atmospheric reverb lends an ominous air to the proceedings, yet only serves to signify just how rhythmically infectious this foreboding track is.

‘Sublunar’ ups the ante in terms of its percussion, with delicate notes coming in over the top to establish the emotive nature of Sciahri’s music, and yields one of the EP’s most ingenious and sensitive movements. Closer ‘Paranoia’ disorientates the listener with its dizzying groove, and is a worthy finale – it genuinely feels as if everything has been worked into overdrive over the course of these relentlessly kinetic techno tunes. Even after the dust has settled and everything else has faded out, its pounding bass drum keeps moving on regardless.

BOPW004 is out now and available via both Juno and Redeye – pre-order the digital release direct from Opal Tapes.

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