A much-needed constant in London’s ever-changing clubbing landscape, Body Hammer has cultivated a loyal following over the years with a real sense of unabated debauchery and an adventurous music policy. Closing in on a decade of parties, Scott Fraser joined founder Joe Hart after the first 3 or 4, and the pair have been spinning “house, techno, jack tracks, acid and WBMX classics” at a multitude of venues ever since. In short, BH is where you go dressed to sweat. Once of the Scrutton Street studios that were home to the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Daniel Avery, Fraser’s also one half of the John Carptenter-obsessed party and record label, Crimes of the Future.

There is, however, another brainchild that Fraser had been sitting on, for the want of a suitable venue. That was, until now. Launching on November 18th from Peckham’s Rye Wax, Reflective Industry will go beyond the realm of club music, touching on everything from electronica to ambient, drone, dub and experimental techno. Inviting both emerging local talent and unannounced special guests to join on occasion, these are set to take place monthly with a “highly civilised” running time of 4pm to 11pm (meaning that you can shop for records or grab something to eat while it’s going on). Flying solo for the debut this Saturday, here’s a selection of tracks that served as his inspiration.

1. Dynamo – Aufenthalt 1 (1997) 

First Din release from 97 and just such a spectacular dub techno trip on a label way ahead of its time.

2. CultureClash – Mama Africa (2017)

Lovingly complied and re-mastered via Kudos on Lost Futures I don’t really know where to start on how good this double album is, every track a masterclass in its own way. Originally recorded in 1992 for the Monster Music radio show on Kiss FM, now back in all its glory mastered by the best in the business and delivered in a beautiful package. Album of the year so far? Probably…

3. Asa-Chang & Junray – Hana (2001)

Beautiful, unique record from Japan from 2001. Modern classical fused with hypnotic percussion and electronics. listen and weep.

4. E.O.G – Aloe Vera (2007)

I’m a big fan of the DUB label, so hard to choose one as the back catalogue is so good but lets go for this melancholy banger from EOG.

5. Monolake – Ice (2000)

From 2000, this time from Monolake. I’ve got this on 12” and the CD album which is outstanding. Unique machine music from deepest Germany via Robert Henke & Gerhard Behles.

6. Claude Young – Mind Dance Themo (1994)

Release from Claude on his own Utensil label with DJ Bone on vocals, every track a winner… this is the ambient excursion… that is all.

7. Echoboy – Südwestfunk (Ester Brinkmann Remix) (2001)

I’m a huge fan of Brinkmann in all his guises, this one a remix for Echoboy from 2001 is as gloriously unhinged an example his sound you could find. Have to also say the Siobhan remix by Fehlmann on this double pack isn’t half bad either. Essential!

8. Luke Slater’s 7th Plain – Seeing Sense (1994)

Faultless album I will never tire of listening to, on GPR records and this for me is quite simply one of the best pieces of  UK techno ever with Slater at the controls.

9. Math – Hex (2002)

Don’t really know much about this 12”, handed to me by the man like Marty McKay in his usual inimitable style in Rubadub in 2002. All great but choosing this downtempo moody cut

10. Not Waving – Battle Mountain (2013)

I’m a big fan of Alessio’s work, for me his track is a prime example of why he is so good.

11. Gescom – Go Sumo (1995)

Clear records, Gescom release. Stunning.

12. Fabric – Light float (Spectrum spools) (2011)

Amazing out there ambient album I picked up in Monorail Records in Glasgow, a fine label to collect, lovely artwork too.

13. Cim – La Grande Point (2003)

Spin off label from the Delsin crew out of Amsterdam, would recommend any of them but this one is particularly good from 2003.

14. RNA Organism – Nativity (1980)

Original heavy minimal beatdown shit from Japan.

15. IMG_6502 – Side Deck (2011)

Back in 2011 I got a hold of the weekly contract events 12” on the Ominara label, immediately emailed  Kassem Mosse directly at the label and bought the whole back catalogue at that time. This CDR was one part of it. Joyously odd music from start to finish.


Scott Fraser plays Reflective Industry on Saturday November 18th at London’s Rye Wax – more info here.

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