Electronic music artists scoring video games is no new phenomenon – Soichi Terada is well known for his work on the PlayStation series Ape Escape. The music however has almost always remained secondary, just an added dimension to emphasise or reflect the mood. That said, relationship between the two has in fact become increasingly symbiotic, although Tom Ellard of Severed Heads fame has doesn’t think this idea has been taken far enough.

The only constant since changing their name from Mr And Mrs No Smokin’ Sign to Severed Heads, Ellard announced the pioneering Australian band would shut up shop in 2008 (although he has continued to tour as Severed Heads on occasion). Falling out of love with the music industry, Ellard has instead chosen to indulge in another interest of his: the unpolished world of indie gaming. Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved when the two mediums are combined, the Sydney native has developed several conceptual games, starting with interactive album Hauntology House.

Taking the concept further Ellard built Treasure Island, an interactive 3D sound installation to accompany last year’s Rhine album, with a sequel described as “a music album, fuelled by toxic ‘witches milk’” to be unveiled at Unsound 2 next week. The objective of Treasure Island 2? Down the tainted dairy in order to actually hear Ellard’s compositions before trying to heal yourself so you can drink yet more milk. Sounds pretty bizarre.

Treasure Island 2 will be unveiled at Unsound 2 in Krakow next week, but you can listen to the soundtrack from the first level below. 

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