A personal favourite, Sleep D’s ‘Rainforest Version’ – which featured on their collaborative EP with DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G – has hardly left the old record bag since I bought it. Whether it’s the swelling kick drum or the ethereal backdrop, dripping in delay effects, it’s a must have for anyone that likes their dance music dubbed-out and slightly unhinged.

A winning formula, it also applies to a limited edition 7” the Butter Sessions duo recently unveiled. Alas though, unless you happen to be one of the first 200 people through the door of The Mercat in Melbourne this Friday, you may struggle to get you hands on the record. Unfortunately, the If-Only expense account isn’t quite cut out for round the world trips (it just about covers two pints), but we’ll be eagerly waiting for an additional 100 copies to go on general sale.

The 7” propels itself forward with ‘Backstreets’ – a cosmic bit of production, complete with some real muscles. As the bassline flexes itself out, it paves the way for a rushing chorus of siren-like sound, climaxing in a total mindfuck of noise somewhere in the middle. There’s a subtle groove at play here too, which is sure to provoke the dancers. 

‘Hydro Dub’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Pure dubby indulgence in a crescendo of delayed synths, and an echoing backdrop that gently plays away whilst a voice drones away “I’m a soul mannn”.

Do yourself a favour and keep an eye on Butter Sessions in the New Year. We also tip our hats to the lads for giving away a 7” record, even if it is to incentivise early arrivals. Too kind!

Those extra 100 copies are set to go on general sale at selected stores and direct from the Butter Sessions webstore in the near future.

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