In 2013, Andrew Ryce produced an in-depth article for Resident Advisor exploring the burgeoning influence of jungle on a new generation of underground electronic music producers. From Mumdance and Logos’ twisted take on what Simon Reynolds termed the hardcore continuum through to Tessela’s hugely popular ‘Hackney Parrot’, via the distinctly North American reformulation of an otherwise thoroughly British sound that took form in footwork. Fast forward four years and the popularity of breakbeats shows little sign of letting up, from the chilled Vancouver house sound of D. Tiffany or J. Albert, to the Zenker Brothers’ exploration of breakbeat techno in Munich, not to mention a raft of young British producers, from Bristol to Leeds, drawing on their sonic heritage to create something afresh.

Even so, it can be easy to fall into pastiche or cliché – how many producers have phoned in a take on say, early 90s breakbeat hardcore, designed to evoke illegal raves, strong pills and pirate radio? While it feels like even the most boring house set can be spiced up by throwing on a jungle tune just before closing time.

Released on Melbourne’s A Colourful Storm, Tackle’s Grondman 12” is a record that avoids any of the pitfalls of retreading the past, perhaps because the sonic palate he paints from is so varied. Here Tackle talks us through some tracks that have inspired him, from wild Aussie drone to weirdo minimal, Indonesian noise rock to late night D&B.

SØS Gunver Ryberg – 1170 Siva (Bare Bones)

What a belter. Love this really high tempo, super percussive stuff. Have seen her at a few Contort gigs in Berlin, great live show in addition to these fantastic productions. I wish someone would organise an Australian tour!


Senyawa – Gaib

Senyawa are just the best live act you’ll see. The recorded stuff is killer too but if you get the chance to see them live, bloody hell do yourself a kindness and get to that gig. First saw them at Urban Spree in Berlin and have seen them at the Tote as well, both times totally amazing. This is my favourite track from their album, Menjadi.


Margaret Dygas – Invisible Circles

Really cool and hypnotic track, and quite different from her other stuff. Great percussion and other weird sounds going on, dubby fx, narcotic snatches of voice and delayed little drum parts that almost sound as if they’re gonna become full blown breaks but never do. Love it.


Mirage – Feel My Dreams

Really dig a lot of Source Direct stuff and I love this track. The dark atmosphere is so evocative, perfect for walking around at night with headphones or cruising in the car. The breaks don’t change up a lot, but they’re so crisp and punchy. And that bass, far out it’s so sick.


Wild Dog Creek – Ears Ring (Live @ The Tote)

A real killer track from Melbourne’s Wild Dog Creek, recorded live at the Tote. Really atmospheric, like the foreboding soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic film set in the outback. I’m really into different types of bowed sounds and I love the sparse drum hits. And just wait for the 5 minute mark!

Grondman is out now on A Colourful Storm – buy it in vinyl or digital format.

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