As autumnal shades of orange and crimson begin to creep into the trees and night starts to stalk in a little earlier, Strip Steve has stepped up with a four-tracker on Waxtefacts to stave of the Season Affect Disorder.

The EP fittingly kicks off with ‘Cold Outside’, which will have the dancers chucking their winter coats to the side in favour of the enjoyably undulating textures, soulful samples and pitter patter of percussion. It is a constant theme throughout the EP. True to the opening sample, ‘Cold Outside’ is just the warmup and things do let loose on ‘Whatever’; another rush of sweeping chords greet the listener before a round of tumbling drums kick off a stand-out track indicative of a gifted producer exploring texture and mood.

‘Machine Gum Funk’ is a total cloak and dagger affair; the faux crackle of vinyl churns around beneath a uplifting melody, lulling you into nullifying space of introspective peace before the drums fire up in and the wild claps entwine with dazzling synth stabs. Rounding things off, ‘Capo’ is Steve’s mad meander into a hip-hop infected and lo-fi textured ode, which makes for a surprising, yet welcome ending to the release. For all the energy The Dog Days EP packs, this track actually comes out as being a personal favourite, particularly for the beautifully buried vocals in the second half.

The Dog Days EP is out now on Waxtefacts – Buy the vinyl here.

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