Berlin-based experimental artist Pan Daijing premieres her newly-produced play at the Tate Modern Tanks in October.

The play, Tissues, explores the emotional extremes of the human voice and electronic music, bringing together opera, theatre, dance, cinema and poetry for a suspenseful, turbulent and melancholic display. Working with fifteen opera singers, actors and dancers, Daijing and the accompanying ensemble unite to bring the journey of a single obstinate and headstrong protagonist to life.

A multi-disciplinary artist and composer with releases on PAN and Bedouin RecordsTissues is composed, directed and co-performed by Daijing, fusing her experiences with alternative storytelling methods to form a narrative of personal transformation. It is accompanied by a daily free performance of Daijing’s performance installation, The Absent Hour, which resembles fragments of its sister show.

‘The piece is ultimately about time and solitude. Tissues as the medical term which forms human physicality. And tissues as the instrument we use to wipe to clean bodily fluids and waste, and eventually memory.’ – Pan Daijing

Tissues takes place at the Tate Modern Tanks on October 2nd, 4th & 5th – buy tickets here.

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