The UFO Stage at Dekmantel is where futurism and menacing energies coexist. A space geared towards exploring the very darkest reaches of techno, the eponymous label has continued the theme since its inception in 2016. Better known as Mr Statik and Larry Gus, Grecian duo Stathis Kalatzis and Panagiotis Melidis have pooled their combined skills and influences under the name Territroy, serving up a debut LP that fits seamlessly with the aforementioned blueprint.

Their respective approaches to making music have birthed a brooding, mesmeric album. Where Kalatzis’ background is rooted in club-ready production, Melidis comes from more of a song-writing perspective, and Skulls & Plants captures this duality brilliantly across its ten-track duration. As haunting and ominous as they are alluring and immersive, the playlist is a further extension of those moods and aesthetics that define the project.

1. Kuedo – In your Sleep

They had rehydrated her body with rose water, matching its delicate frailty with a scent that would follow him to the after life. There she would emerge in all her bejeweled glory, with gold embroidered flowers on her chest reminiscent of her Cosmic Gardener days.

2. Fennesz – Transit feat David Sylvian

Η-ΓΙΟΥ 28 was malfunctioning once again. Its creaking parts were now beyond repair, rusty and worn down under the heavy footprint of time. It was conceived as an instrument of hope among the eventually hopeless and would be remembered dearly when it would be too late for tears.

3. Mike Patton – Misremembering (The Place beyond the Pines O.S.T.)

Where am I? How did I get here? I feel like this is not my skin, I turn my glance to the forest and everything feels off, just by segments of seconds, but still long enough for me to realize that this is not now. I feel utterly lost, perhaps I should follow that light behind the pine trees.

4. Νine Inch Nails – At The Heart Of It All (Aphex Twin Remix)

Day 187 on the USCSS Chrysanth. What started as an expedition of optimism about the survival of the species soon turned into slow burning tragedy. Been flying dead in the water for days now, straight to the core of the Asteraceae sun. Everyone has quietly made peace with their loved on^$*$($^*^&T$%#@@

5. Alex Smoke – Fallout

Once again he found himself grinding the jimsonweed and drinking from its nectar. It was the only way he had left to go to her, a game of Russian roulette for few moments of bliss. His mouth dried, the fever consumed him, his heart ready to burst. This time however,  they would stay together forever.  

6. David Sylvian – Fire in the Forest

The only way to approach infinity is to start with small steps, and as long as the mind can keep on growing, all effort goes out trying to ignore how the body reacts. And over that fence, we have David Sylvian singing on top of Fennesz resembling blankets that are covering feather quilts.

7. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit – 255-6 (Shackleton Remix)

Just like the overlapping leaves in the Hanenbow Stage in Elektroplankton for Nintendo DS, but instead of having them generate vibraphones, we replaced everything with semi-tuned marimbas, that keep entangled in weird polyrhythmic activities, as if all choices have been appearing and disappearing with a strictly non-random way.

8. Young Jazz Rebels – On the Run from Mr Charlie

Someone decided to use flowers of different colours instead of wood in the fireplace of his home, believing that the temperature emitted according to the color of the flowers would change. and eventually, all ends up cold and then frozen.

9. Susumu Yokota – Morino Gakudan

Climbing with your legs in the position of your hands, and looking back every single time to make sure you that you go up in the proper way.

10. Mary and the Boy – Staring 

Have you ever tried to start walking without thinking who will jump in front of you to cut you down? Have you ever tried not to think about how to overtake him, but just to look at him in the eyes, hoping that he will make the first actual move?

Skulls & Plants is out soon on Dekmantel UFO – buy it here.

Tickets for Dekmantel Festival 2019 are available here.

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