‘The Cortina Kidz’ was the B-side to MacDonald Flack And The Ack-Ack Pack‘s sole release, Jack Some Crack, although it never enjoyed the same heavy rotation as its counterpart on the flip. Nearly thirty years since its initial release and Andy Butler’s mr.intl have taken it upon themselves to resurrect this forgotten relic of UK acid house, following up an initial unveiling with a remix 12″ from Leonid Lipelis.

You may know Lipelis from last year’s Public Possession 12″ under the name TMO; or possibly for his releases on Whiskey Disco as Beard in Dust. Back from a collaborative effort as the latter, the Russian has delivered his own interpretation of the original, taking the 80s-leaning industrial themes and running as far as he can with them.

For the main version, Lipelis pushes the new wave-style vocal through a vocoder while furnishing his stripped-back rerub with a bottom-heavy groove. The dub mix on the other hand is a jauntier sort of affair. Equally left-of-centre as its predecessor, truncated vocal samples stab their way through the arrangement while oscillating electronics give it the feel of an early Cybotron cut.

The Cortina Kidz (Lipelis Remixes) is out now – it is available in both vinyl and digital format.

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