Some might know The KLF as the guys who controversially burnt a million pounds on the Isle of Jura in 1995 and fired machine gun blanks into the crowd at the Brit Awards in ’92 (marking the end of heir time in the music game, which coincided with the deletion of their entire back catalogue), but their cult status as one of the UK’s most thought-provoking and innovative electronic exports comes well deserved. Disciples of The KLF can be found worldwide and in quite a feat for an leftfield electronic act, nobody sold more singles than James Cauty and William Drummond in 1991. Those achievements have been interspersed with a fair share of ‘what the fuck?’ moments, and two decades since leaving the studio behind, a new and typically cryptic video drops hints of an unexpected return for the divisive duo.

2017 marks the 23rd anniversary of that infamous cash burning incident and heavily inspired by Robert Shea and Robert Anton’s Illuminatus! trilogy of sci-fi novels, the number 23 definitely holds some significance for the duo (it’s an important figure in their numerology). An ominous voiceover questions whether “something is being planned,” hinting at a prospective return to the music biz sometime in the near future. Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen, but with  it’s sure to leave many hands rubbing eagerly in anticipation.

The KLF requires your presence…


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