Optimistic and light-hearted, the latest offering from the Neapolitan triumvirate of Dario di Pace (Mystic Jungle), Raffaele Arcella (Whodamanny) and Enrico Fierro (Milord) treads a fairly similar path to 2015’s Solaria LP. A little more horizontal and laid-back than its predecessor, the second outing on their own Early Sounds Recordings imprint arrives tailor-made for kicking back on a hammock as the sun beats down.

Live instrumentation is central to everything these guys do as The Mystic Jungle Tribe – check out the Discogs entries of their releases for a detailed breakdown of the various instruments employed. Take opener ‘Terrazza Sul Mare’, where funked-out and analogue-rich keys rub intermingle with electric guitar, vibraphone and synth horns, all against a backdrop of wandering basslines and shakers. There’s an air of the aquatic in the fluid rhythms, but also a distinctly cosmic edge lingering beneath the surface. It’s a quality shared elsewhere, from ‘Il Custode Delle Chiavi’s eerie theremin to the dizzying array of electronics slowly drifting forward on ‘Vespro’, albeit with slightly varying results. The former delves furthest into the palette of oddball synths heard on Qvisisana, but with its patchwork of chirruping melodies,  ‘Vespro’ takes the star-gazing themes to new heady heights.

Fans of outlandish synth melodies won’t be found wanting here. ‘Sguardi’ dazzles throughout – the unfussy, stripped-back arrangement placing focus on some evocative melodies. Aimed directly at the dancefloor, ‘Visioni’ on the other hand layers dreamy keys over a bumping groove, but uplifting and buoyant, both bring a certain degree of playfulness. Evocative of dramatic coastlines and azure blue waters, The Mystic Jungle Tribe make their tribute to the picturesque island of Capri with sun-kissed grooves and a hint of the cosmos.

Qvisisana is out now on Early Sounds Recordings – buy the vinyl direct from the label.

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