Best known as one half of The Pilotwings, Louis E Bola is taking a sharp left turn into experimental territory with his latest project, Eiger Drums Propaganda. Dipping toes in Krautrock and ambient waters, the eponymous debut album is set for an early 2018 release on Macadam Mambo.

Split into two halves, titled ‘Climb’ and ‘Summit’ respectively, the four-tracker appears to have a concept, although it isn’t quite apparent what that is at this moment in time. With Geddes Hadden, Arthur Tempo, Akino Karma, Sound Of Duty Free and Pierre Mortimer-Dubation all credited with an assist, it also comes sporting a list of collaborating musicians as long as your arm.

While no stranger to the melting-pot of styles presented, it’s a significant departure from the mutant strains of Italo, breakbeat and electro we have grown accustomed to from the Lyon native. As noted in the Soundcloud description, it falls somewhere between the swooning, heartfelt jazz of Christian Morin’s ‘Aquarella’ and the Berlin-School electronics of Conrad Schnitzler.

Eiger Drums Propaganda is out January 8th on Macadam Mambo – pre-order the vinyl here.

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