Tim Sweeney talks about fifteen years of college radio and how the BIS hotline took an unexpected turn.

Running a college radio show for fifteen years straight is no mean feat. It takes serious dedication to keep something like that going and it’s just one of many reasons why Tim Sweeney’s held in such high regard by fans and peers alike. With musical royalty passing through the BIS studio each and every week (Gerd Janson, Prosumer and DJ Harvey are three recent guests), listeners are always treated to masterful blends and inspired selections, so in its landmark fifteenth year, Crane.tv got in touch with Mr Sweeney for a little chat.

Talking about the show’s uncompromising music policy, amongst other things, they get onto the topic of the BIS hotline. Set up so Tim could hear the voices of listeners from around the world, the hotline’s taken quite an amusing (and at times sinister) turn, having been taken over by one seemingly unhinged listener. ‘Victor from Washington Heights’ is the regular caller in question and his erratic and often xenophobic outbursts have almost become a highlight of the show (without detracting from the music).

Head over to the Beats In Space website to listen to recordings of past shows.

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