Tolouse Low Trax isn’t a name that gives very much away, in fact it might be actively misleading, evoking sunny cities in southern France and Chicago house. But the sounds made by Salons De Amateurs resident DJ Detlef Weinrich under his TLT moniker never hide their roots in Düsseldorf, the small German city with a strong Krautrock and proto-EBM legacy, repurposing these ancestral voices with an eerie wooziness and unease. Decades Vol. 2, TLT’s second release on Paris-based label Antinote, is an exercise in this sort of sonic weirdness, invoking discomfort and fear while drawing you deeper into the murk.

‘Calirough’ hisses and gurgles and chugs itself into ghostly chants that evoke Popol Vuh’s soundtrack for Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God, the most spiritual of Krautrock groups sounding now utterly unholy, but no less beautiful, while ‘Wooden Words’ sounds like dub techno made in a tool shed, a spectral Serge Gainsbourg sound-alike speaking unnervingly over the gloom. Built on an eerie tension and drenched in swathes of reverb and delay, ‘Hyroglyph’ wraps unnerving electronics around a gnarled, skeletal rhythm. It’s only on ‘Monia’ that TLT’s grit begins to sound otherworldly, cassette tape Kosmische that is deceptively hypnotic.

Decades Vol. 2 is out now on Antinote – buy it direct from the label.

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