Hamburg’s Growing Bin Records have been steadily amassing an impressive catalogue of releases since the micro-label put out its first material in 2013 – proof of this hot streak lies within the music itself of course, but it’s also worth noting that Wilson Tanner’s 69 was one of our absolute favourite LPs of 2016. For their latest endeavour Growing Bin have ventured into the realm of compilation, putting together the 12″ Tapes by Trance, AKA Adrian Marcator, AKA Jürgen Petersen. This collection of tracks includes material that was previously only available on cassette, and the evocative music contained within was recorded by Petersen in his home studio between 1983 and 1986.

The highlights come thick and fast on this treasure trove of cosmic, analogue sounds that often sees Trance incorporate other traditional means of instrumentation. Opening tracks ‘Purification’ and ‘Belial’ focus on their own meditative sonic plains respectively, although it’s the latter which makes an indelible mark on the memory: the B1 cut makes use of some echoing calls and truly fantastic, repetitively hypnotic synthesisers, recalling the work of vintage Tangerine Dream.

The soothing, contemplative electronics of ‘Ambiente’ will prove to be another memorable piece for listeners. Combined with the use of sitar and other, lighter notes plucked from its western counterpart, it once again evokes the musical explorations of the ’60s and ’70s, with a gloriously realised New Age sheen.

The record’s most gorgeous and glistening piece is left until its closing track, ‘Ikarus’. Synthetic wails are implemented so as to create an artificial soundscape of what sound like whale calls and other ambient ephemera of the era – with its mixture of artificial and recorded instrumental sounds, ‘Ikarus’ really does conjure up imagery of an authentic, soothing sea, gently rocking to and fro in the night.

Tapes is out now on Growing Bin Records – buy the vinyl direct from the label.

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