We take a look at the brand outfitting the discerning music nerd.

People have been using clothing to tell the world about their musical preferences for decades now, but there’s always been a dearth of attire tailored for music at the lesser-known end of the electronic spectrum. You could always grab yourself a bit of label merch, but those tees are a dime a dozen, almost becoming a uniform of sorts at festivals like Dekmantel or Dimensions. Think the mass produced effect of Topshop, but t-shirts branded by The Trilogy Tapes, L.I.E.S. or PPU, rather than the latest loose neck tee emblazoned with words like “Dope” or “Hype”. Anyone that attended a festival of similar ilk in the summer will know what we mean, but Turbo Island are providing an alternative.

Bristol-based illustrator Chris Wright is the man behind the brand and if you’re already acquainted with Chris’ Sports Cheeses project, you’ll be familiar with his playful aesthetic. Sometimes bawdy and more often than not pretty damn colourful, these aren’t really clothes for stern-faced individuals that tend to adorn themselves in an assortment of greys and blacks looking as if they’re going to Berghain every time they leave the house. If you’re looking for something that pays homage to the likes of Ash Ra Tempel/Ashra guitarist Manuel Göttsching’s first solo outing (E2-E4) without taking itself too seriously however, you’ve hit a goldmine.

Other names recognised in the vivid collection include Japanese synth innovators Yellow Magic Orchestra, Juan Atkin’s Model 500 alias and the recently deceased house pioneer Frankie Knucles, with Wright also condensing the Turbo Island aesthetic into several prints, all of which you can purchase here.

Wright also called on the services of fellow graphic designer and NTS selector Jiro Bevis to record a special Yellow Magic Orchestra mix, solely featuring tracks “either by YMO or with members writing, playing instruments or producing”.

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