Melbourne’s freshest label drops its inaugural release, offering listeners a short but sweet dose of effervescent dance music that manages to wriggle away from any strict classification – just the way we like it.

Salt Mines co-head Rudolf C collaborates with Newcastle producer Mall Grab, on what could be considered the highlight of this 12” – ‘Track 2’ would sound very much at home on a tape put out by 1080p (an imprint which Mall Grab coincidentally is soon to appear on), with its alluring house-meets-new age groove. Shedbug, fellow architect of this Aussie label, follows it up with ‘End Of The ‘Done’, a similarly charming cut that incorporates balearic trills throughout its infectious and constantly mutating rhythm.

DJ PHLOWGOD also features with the A1 contribution, ‘Summer’, an impressive opener that implements the finest percussion to be heard throughout the entirety of this debut. Signing off is CoastDream, bringing what is undoubtedly the most raw and rugged tune of the four, with its visceral sonic palette that showcases another dimension to the Salt Mines crew.

SALT001 is out now and available in vinyl format from Redeye and various other online stores.

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