Crossing the boundaries of library, cosmic, musique concrète, Krautrock, jazz and ambient, Muscut is one of the foremost torchbearers of the consistently intriguing ex-USSR psychedelic scene. Based around a close-knit community of artists, it bears many similarities with fellow Eastern Bloc labels Udacha and Gost Zvuk.

Tripped-out expeditions through hazy textures and misshapen rhythms, releases on the Ukrainian label have been captivating listeners since 2012. The latest, courtesy of Odessan “girl-band” Chillera, doesn’t stray too far from the blueprint. A coming together of dusty drum machines, washed-out surf guitar and tape damaged atmospherics, B1’s ‘Ostrova Bezi’ also comes with some VHS quality visuals. Depicting an archaeological dig, it pays homage to the analogue warmth of the track as our protagonist discovers a cassette tape in the dirt, eventually adding it to a museum collection of seemingly prehistoric artefacts.

SCHAX is out November 3rd on Muscut – pre-order direct from the label.

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