Among reports in Germany of a spike in sales of Iodine and bottled water, Berlin’s ITK party survivalists are scrambling to get their hands on the latest set of hazardous materials from Warning. The second in a series of dancefloor orientated 7”s, the party crew and nascent label prepare to drop a sophomore release ahead of the upcoming rave at ://about blank.

Giraffi Dog ooze off the A-side with melt-in-the-middle groover, ‘The Temple of Magatao’. There’s an undeniable rave throwback feel to this one, but their interpretations are fresh, neatly transforming a gurgling slammer into gooey old school euphoria.

It’s deep into the night, and the Hi-Octane crew are finally mellowing into a synergetic trance. The bass-line skulks its way through a crowd of wound-out faces, and rolling shoulders, cowbells ping electric off the tips of wagging fingers. Smoke machines usher in the morning with candy floss haze, cyborg voices luring you into a higher state of consciousness, rising on tractor beam synth and post-peak energy reserves.

WAR1902 is out soon on Warning – pre-order here.

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